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E-commerce has entered people’s lives, online shopping culture, are constantly changing and updating, people have begun to do without e-commerce, is now a wide range of e-commerce applications, foreign trade, retail, finance, travel, insurance, book publishing , IT, agriculture, logistics … e-commerce has affected every aspect of people’s lives, e-commerce to speed up the process of economic development, improve the efficiency of commercial activities, traditional industries are aware of e-commerce will change people’s lives, electricity providers must be the new trend!


And has not been concerned about the economic character customization, it also ushered in the spring, rapid power forward’s family. Baidu entered the personal customization, you can search the site to a lot of custom classes as EDIY, open a company called EDIY (http://www.ediy.com/en) website, you can see which sell a variety of custom class of goods, for everyone different needs, to provide unique gifts, supplies, which is becoming the most popular web services, such as self-proclaimed web site customization. Although in this web site, users can at best be a tailor-made for the relatives or their own personal photo printed on the cup, shirt, hat, crystal, or calendar, etc. However, noteworthy is the Internet, the catalyst, customized custom is entering the lives of ordinary people, and the homogenization of a completely different era of personalized production era is no longer far away!


For such as these innovative industries, it really can be accepted by the public? A petit coral friends said, she usually loves individuality, like their photo attached to the cup, said to like to do jewelry design to carry not only their own customized online often, but also encouraged a friend to go around buy!


In fact, like many small users such as coral, particularly Internet culture is very rich today, a lot of love to express individuality and style of young people, the culture brought to the network in real life!


From this personalized customized to meet the public’s taste, character customization is not only to meet the needs of individual consumers, but also full of its own business characteristics. At present, more extensive character customization is also required to cover people’s daily lives, and will continue to update new products and services. In fact, as long as doing business around the consumer-centric, developed to cater to a variety of products consumers need, companies continue to optimize the user experience, including customized software functions are being constantly enhanced service process, to the customer site visual, and perfect after-sales service and so on.


Custom gift from the entire Internet and industry development, economic and other sectors compared to custom, is still in a weak position compared with, but it will be the new trend of B2C electronic business, strong cultural values ​​in our gift-giving countries, consumption from the traditional industry to a sudden e-commerce is not possible, with custom ideas and online shopping and cultural infiltration, believe the economy will be able to customize personalized gift market leader!


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Business, career aspirations, almost everyone who friends want to do. However, many projects, no matter what the project will start there is a risk. Right now, custom heat transfer is almost the first choice for business people, now, a simple analysis of heat transfer on the scene and customized business advantages for your reference:


First of all: a custom thermal transfer printing technology in one! Custom heat transfer in the country now for so many years, and in the world is so many years. So far, thermal transfer custom application of this technique are generally in some of the more vice-place, the cost is relatively high, certainly compared to screen printing and other printing, thermal transfer custom version to play, but still relatively low ! Plant-level investments to small confinements, or allow others to transfer technology, profits are very substantial.


Second: There are basically in line to see the vast majority of companies are their own produce. (But there will be some of their own processing). Currently in the production of real roasted Cup (Mug machine, hot cup machine), baking machine, stamping machine control plane (high-pressure machine, the press, shaking his head machines) processing equipment manufacturers have cups, plates, porcelain, metal plates; while processing cups, plates, porcelain and other ceramic products surface coating plant equipment has to do.


Third: now online with the “thermal transfer custom” to do to join, free initial fee, invest, start small packages of the company, but there are many benefits, for example, various styles of packages, free technical training fee, get VIP cards , sent to printer and so on all kinds of promotions.


Fourth: self. Heat transfer printing machines, coating ceramic products, ink, paper, coating or coated metal plate, textiles, these products are small chunks of the company’s own complete, quality is also easy to check. Therefore, you do personalized transfer problems, give you the goods, it is very easy to help you solve the problem!


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What birthday gift to send to his wife good? How old she was, what love is we will first reaction to the general basis of these to choose. What birthday gift to send my wife usually pick her favorite, but if you want to send her a surprise would have little thought of. What birthday gift to send to her surprise? Of course, is not seen her, her surprise, which requires creativity! Ideas to make our lives full of fun, let us send a gift to become the focus of discussion!


DIY paper – no personality, can not be called a good gift; no creativity, not to give a loved one off; in this era of fashion and popular race, so we stood in the forefront of the trend, do a personality full of fresh DIY people! you want to customize the front page of tomorrow do? act quickly, experience a feeling of a star!


EDIY gift – with her photos into a “personalized production”, the gift of all sides of the front and inside are photos with the birthday, your blessings designed, gift-color printing using coated paper, coated cover , Binding binding, good can be achieved after “Ruili”, “fashion” magazines such as visual effects.


    The unique index of this gift I give five stars, because when a friend received the birthday gift, we will definitely be surprised, because who would have thought that one day he could board the magazine cover it? And this is the magazine world, but unique.


    Met you, I secretly vowed: life must be with you! Forgive me for not allowing this gift for you. I just think, it only rose only with you. If you like, we just go all the way, from stubbornly persists.


   EDIY (http://www.ediy.com), happy to send gifts, Gifts wins!

The coming Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day is also not far away. As to the Chung Yeung Festival also came, this time the gift is an emphasis on parental love. Generally to this festival, children who have to send on the age of the parents a gift, we also know that parents are not short of money, not lack of health care products, lack most is a love. So what kind of gift to be able to express the kind of parental love? Is how to give them a creative? This problem do not worry, personalized gift is a manifestation of creative gifts, but also highlights your personality and mind, parents receive them you can feel the love and emotion.


I really do want to choose a gift to their parents when there are still many people a headache, because after all, and parents have a lot of ideas out, but not year round even around their parents do not know what they need most? Parents will always be the most loved themselves, as they never have a second way to love us. So parents do not want their children to what they get expensive gifts, but to children who can safely outside, do not let them worry. So, send gifts to their parents, let them get psychological comfort, with some gifts to send their children, good for the soul to spend their twilight years. Of course, what the elderly need, want, sons and daughters must be properly refined, more in life to know them, observe their every detail, so you can find what they really need.


Personalized gifts are very much now, we can put their own feelings and wishes through this a DIY gift to express themselves out. To give parents the best gift is to choose the kind of full of warmth, full of feelings of personal gifts, which incorporates a unique children’s heart, when elderly people see this gift, and naturally think of their children, satisfaction will be for the elderly to feel good, that money can not buy. So I thought EDIY (http://www.ediy.com/en) provides online custom software, but also a lot of people understand the personalized gift ideas, experience the entire design process.


We can be your own photos, graphics, personalized text custom to give parents the gift of. For example, parents choose a classic shoes, DIY happy above the “blessing” or “shou” character, the parents wear in the feet, warm the heart; or select a pillow, DIY your own photos in the above, the parents looked on it sleep, it is like they will never in their parents; or select metal frame, DIY pattern with the family background into the frame, then place one family portrait photograph, a sentimental family portrait came out.


With personalized gifts, you are still worried about the gifts to the parents? Double Ninth Festival is also trouble to send out a gift without parental like it? All this without distress, a gift that allows parents the satisfaction of the best DIY is a bar! Gift, though not expensive, but can fully express your unique mind share, and give parents more of a surprise. No matter how kind of a gift, we must often go home to visit his elderly parents, for them to send the warmest hug!


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In most English-speaking countries, people in the birthday party to sing “Happy Birthday” song, blessed birthday person. Generally endorse the Birthday Party was lit birthday candles on a birthday cake when we sing in unison (generally turn off the lights, keep the room dark). Birthday cake decorated general is a very beautiful cake, and served time at the top to plug in as much as the age and birthday candles.


Looking to make a wish birthday quietly, and then blew out the candles, because the ancient Europeans believe that smoking is can go up to heaven, and make a wish after blowing out candles on behalf of the desire to convey to the sky with smoke. And if the breath blew out all the candles, then you may wish to achieve. A kind of superstition that if the desire to say it would not work. First birthday cake-cutting knife generally, unless the parents can do the job is too small.


If the birthday party held in a restaurant, then will sing the birthday song. Restaurant waiter may also lead singer and then will be sent to dessert (which may or may not be cake, may be free or may not be free). This dessert may be replaced with some shiny stuff candles. Restaurants and other customers will join together with the general blessing, singing. In some restaurants there will be special to non-traditional birthday song and dance performances.


For some special birthday or because the number of candles will be the risk of fire, special candles might be replaced by the actual number of small candles. These candles make numbers look like, for example 5 with the birthday cake on the point may be a candle, as the number 5, 50 points a birthday candle as the number 50 on the line.


Birthday for everyone is very heavy special day, so the general birthday friends and family who are subject to special treatment. So children are all looking forward to his birthday very even want to come early, but the adults are more offensive, because once again to congratulate himself on his old one year old. In addition to gathering, the birthday gift that will have the birthday person, in general, will get a lot of friends and family gift.


Children’s birthday party is generally more interesting, there are many interesting games such as Pin the Tail on the Donkey, musical chairs, hitting piñ; atas and so on. Adult birthday party is more formal, usually in a restaurant to eat a hearty dinner. No matter what age, these gatherings are intended to make the birthday person feel very happy. There is a joke say this birthday is sometimes called the best day of the year, birthday is the day after the worst day of the year, as well as a year to the next birthday too!


There is also a tradition called the surprise party. Sometimes people seem to deliberately forget someone’s birthday, let the birthday person feel to be ignored, and in fact we are secretly preparing a surprise party. On the contrary, many people are also tight-lipped about this meeting, because we are looking forward to this gathering.

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Students in each of them have experienced a lot of gifts occasions, such as married, had children, Keiju, farewell, holidays, winning promotion, visiting sympathy, etc., under various names. However, Hu did not send gifts, send chaos. It can be said that a person who is not “gifts” up and down doing something, then he really is not good “man”; a little exaggeration, or even loss of “living space.”


Gifts, while not a simple matter, but if you have some simple gifts essentials and tips can be sent each other’s hearts.


To this end, the election ceremony, gifts, you can refer to the following recommendations:


1, is representative of your mind


Gifts, in fact, that is, through the gift to convey your thoughts or greetings, said, “want to make you happy” mood, or encourage each other, “cheer up”, it is important not the gift itself, but through the gift to convey your wishes.


2, is the other gift you want


A favorite gift the other side, the most important gift, he would be happy to accept, and can leave a deep impression. This idea of ​​course is normal, but often are prone to accidents, because you will unknowingly participate into their own preferences.


In the choice of a gift, to remember the other side of the preferences, interests, while selected to match the gift, such gifts will be elected to the Heart.


3, is looking forward to the other rebate gift


Gift when it looking forward to the other side of the rebate? In full of the joy of giving gifts to the other party will be able to feel your feelings, this is a good rebate. If the same time to receive the salute each other, that joy will be doubled. But any devoted sincere gift, if the other side read out the “return”, has become extremely vulgar things. Therefore, do not expect to return gifts.


4, the timing is appropriate gifts


A day late for Valentine’s Day gift or birthday gift, no matter how valuable, if time was not right gift, will weaken the gifts brought to the other party may move. Therefore, gifts should pay attention to timing. In addition, the day the gift-giving time is also very important.

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 Crystal color is what? In life, we often see in the gift shop there, very beautiful, and the price is not grid. So what is it crystal color personality? I want to know who is not a lot. The so-called personality, is his custom, made out of unique gifts.


[Meaning]: color photo crystal, also known as crystal or crystal color pictures, is the use of more complex process, being the image into the crystal, hard, wear-resistant, not afraid Knife washed, acid and alkali resistance, frozen; image is clear and transparent, double-sided appreciation, cold light edges and corners, the more shining bright; for photos, albums, two-sided show, catch up, so that high-temperature porcelain figurines and crystal photo eclipsed, placed in the home or office, Li was the owner of the high-grade, is the art and souvenirs perfect unity; it has won more and more like the modern, 21st century’s most popular high-end accessories and senior gift!


Description] [custom: buyers provide their own photos, put your photo to us via mail or QQ, the buyer prior to purchase please contact us! Sample images for reference only, product specifications and production of specific size information, please contact us, thank you!




1, couples photos, wedding photos, art photo photo;


2, the baby is born mark (including fingerprints, footprints, etc.), birthday commemoration, photographs of children


3, and his family, friends, classmates, lovers of the photo;


4, landscape photographs, star photographs, pet photographs;


5, the collection of calligraphy and painting, the only photographs, digital photos can be remade into




1, personality, image provided by their own, free to choose, design picture.


2, permanent collection, no color, no fading, no loss.


3, crystal clear, the appearance of beautiful, multi-faceted visual, cold light edges and corners.


[Product Description:


 Crystal image symbol of noble character, pure love, precious friendship, eternal memorial. In addition to many countries in the East made jewelry, but also as Nafo Auspicious, bringing health and good luck sacred objects. Crystal image with its elegant, clear, more and more noble characteristics of modern love. Is sent to family friends and loved ones of choice. It is vivid, distinct, crystal clear, cold light edges and corners, transparent, and three-dimensional sense of strong, double-sided appreciation for multiple perspectives, the luxury of similar products is unmatched! It is art, gifts and souvenirs perfect unity. Is a wedding, photo art photo, the baby was born commemorative photo, birthday gifts, home decoration, wedding anniversary, graduation pictures, souvenir, business promotion and other fashion the ideal choice.


 Crystal color personality to the infinite surprise of our lives, life is not changed because of it low-key.

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DIY gift market is now in a stage of development and exploration, we still do not understand the concept of DIY. DIY simply means that according to their own images and text printed on the products above, this is the picture of their own design. Today in the DIY market, what gift do? We are now on site for EDIY to fully demonstrate the DIY series of gifts. So you have a rough understanding, you will discover that you can DIY products are so much ah? No you can not do, only you can not think of!


Cup is the most common in the market, DIY gifts, one of which is through the heat transfer mug heat press machine to produce, first through the photo or the text After the design, printed on the cup on top. This has become a DIY gift cup. This cup is made out of more publicity for collection or to commemorate the role. A friend who is a good choice, but also be able to enjoy more personalized. Since we can put some pictures or want to say everyday words such as printed on the glass above the personalized image made into cups, used to giving to others is very good, but also a unique gift.


In addition to the cup, and some clothing bags, photo frame plate painting, calendar, album, etc. can all be used to DIY. Want to give his girlfriend a more creative costumes? Want to give her boyfriend a cool hat? None of this is fantasy, really want to achieve your creative designs, just click the mouse design, we can design you want printed on it. At this time it is very stylish and elegant, highly personalized. Want to own the most happy smile fixed in that moment it? Hope home furnishings even more special and warm it? DIY personalized photo frames and panels then painted it! All this is our happiest moment, until the day we grow old when you can turn back to recall, that is wonderful thing ah!


And our everyday furniture supplies, computer mouse, personalized puzzles, personalized wall clock, personalized books. These can also be used to DIY, anyway you can think of items that can be used to the machine you want to print images and text. Sent to friends as a good choice, but also as business, institutions and government departments logo trademark. Played a very good publicity, especially in advertising cup, albums, calendars, badges, etc., can be used as corporate identity promotional materials, product promotional materials, activities, souvenirs, souvenir festival program, project ribbon-cutting souvenirs. These self-appreciation or gifts for friends and family purposes, highly ornamental and collectible value.


DIY gifts can be more and more, depending on how you go digging, we found that the current DIY products on the market or remain in certain stages, should be vigorously to develop products that can be DIY. Continue to meet the individual needs of customers, DIY gift market was the growing strength, but also to the gift industry to bring more innovation and development.

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We often say that our life we ​​call the shots, I listen to my site. It is 2011, is the best time for personalized custom gifts, but also the personality of the era. So we are the masters of personality do not follow the crowd, have their own characteristics, so work together to personalize the mouse – so that we can beat up!


Many of the stars are representative of personalized, personalized ceremony of the Wallace ladies hat, if Zhang Ziyi is isolated plum, Fan Bingbing is a rich ruby ​​roses, the same barbed, also stirred fierce entertainment after 80 women, but each have their own publicity and aromatic. Fan Bingbing is to use the publicity to try many of the young style, definitely standing on the forefront of fashion trends, fashion is turned neutral handsome boy, turned it into pure Egyptian students installed Cleopatra, in her there is no fixed style. Because each have their own characteristics, we have to do is to distribute their own unique flavor.


 We often have access to computers, but you have never thought to decorate their mouse is it? Personal computers are now off the table style, personalized custom mouse jump! Printed on the mouse in your favorite graphics (photographs) and text, financial appreciation, art, personality and practical as a whole. For leisure, office, home use, more suitable as a gift for a friend, certainly an unexpected surprise. When you work tired each time, looking at you and your boyfriend have their own custom photo photo, you will definitely sweet to the heart, no matter how bitter is sweet. This is the personalized custom mouse charm, personality Fun world we want.


  We only need to EDIY (http://www.ediy.com/en) custom designed web site once the mouse designs they want, personalized mouse already has, but so what? Buy a regular mouse might as well buy a more cost-effective feature of the mouse, as the couple a gift also, as a birthday gift is also good, will definitely give your friends a surprise, which is unique in the world of the gift. Really monumental value, so be sure not to miss passing through.


   Whether you go online at home or in office work, personalized custom make you dance to the mouse. Set off a trend of personality style, so that we can always feel the benefits of personalized custom. Want to customize their own personalized gifts, how hard it is. Ever since the individual mouse, so when I do not fall asleep at work, more dynamic. I saw the photo and her boyfriend would think of sweet love, feel natural enough. Therefore, personalized custom not only bring a more dynamic fashion.


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Birthday gift culture

Everybody wants the birthday, received birthday gifts, birthday dinner or eat. Today, EDIY just share with you a happy birthday song and the origin of birthday cake.


Happy Birthday origin:


On “Happy Birthday to You,” a song is a story that can be generated as a start is a pleasant thing, and later becomes a taste, it is very disappointing.


Legend, that has two sisters, one called Madeleine Reed Hill, Lu Yisi Virginia City, Kentucky Experimental Kindergarten teacher, a man named Bodi? Hill, principal of the school. Sisters of children who have written a song, the song is “Good Morning.” Madeleine Reed when experts praise songs, plus scary music talent, but also a local church organist, and her sister is also very experienced in early childhood education, “Good morning,” a song no doubt be a huge success.


In 1893, two sisters published a set of songs, described as “kindergarten stories.” Thirty-one years later, in Bodi? Hill Song Columbia University Teachers College as Head of Department of Early Childhood Education, after a man named Robert? H? Coleman’s sister, two men without the permission of the first privately published in this songs, then added in a song, that familiar “Happy Birthday to You”, which constitutes a harm and insult the sisters. Second, Mr. Coleman added the lyrics to this song was soon very popular.


Finally, the first paragraph of the lyrics sisters disappeared. “Happy Birthday to You” the birthday song the only song completely replace the sisters original song “Good morning!.”


Madeleine Reid’s death in 1916, Bodi will come with another sister, Jessica, Mr. Coleman to court. In court, they proved that in fact they had the copyright of the song melody. Since this song belongs to the statutory copyright Hill and sisters at home, it was given the imperial power, regardless of when the song was sung for commercial purposes, when the imperial power will always be protected.


The origin of birthday cake:


Medieval Europeans believed that the soul birthday is most likely to be demon invasion day so birthday, friends and relatives would gather around to give blessings, and send the cake to bring good luck to expel the demons.


Birthday cake, originally only eligible to have the King, spread to the present, whether adults or children, can be birthday, buy a nice cake and enjoy the blessings given to everyone.


Foreign-related issues:


Age children in China one week, placed around the child, such as books, needles, coins and the like. Everything has a specific meaning, the child will touch the stuff indicator of future life.


Birthday in the elderly in China, eat long noodles that longevity.


Brazilian food is candy birthday.


Icelanders eat birthday with candied fruit pizza.


British all-day birthday celebration. At school, birthday, children are often raised to seize arms and Jiaobo once a year, indicating a long high.


Dutch children’s birthday, not only by the gift, but also the gifts given to others.


In Mexico, as early as possible birthday to extend my congratulations to Geely plans. Birthday often in the middle of the night was the birthday of a friend wake up.


Indian birthday with religious overtones. Must pre-dawn prayers and blessings.


Thai the night before the birthday candles to be lit two long, high, like a birthday with a view to longevity. If you go out too early, it is ominous.


Most Western countries, birthday candles are inserted in the cake, then those with the birthday cake with food.


EDIY wish you a birthday today received like a friend’s birthday gift, happy birthday oh!


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